Dr. Canion Releases a New Book: Auntie’s Closet

Dr. Canion Releases a New Book: Auntie’s Closet

In Auntie’s Closet; innovator, entrepreneur, preacher, teacher and motivational speaker, Dr. Tanda J. Canion mingles life experiences from her Auntie’s closet with scripture to give the reader insight on discovering dreams, passion and purpose. She shares how she came to distinguish the voice of God’s destiny, from among all the voices trying to destroy her. Through her Auntie’s closet, this unusual source, she opened her mind to endless possibilities.

Dr. Tanda Canion gives a preview of her new book, Auntie’s Closet.

Auntie’s Closet carries the reader on a journey of discovering clues for successful living. As a reader, you will learn to refuse to be denied all God has planned for you. Your dreams can become reality, your passion will be ignited, and you will be propelled into your purpose.

Mingled with life experiences from my Auntie’s closet and scripture, this book gives insight on discovering your dreams, passion and purpose.

Dr. Tanda Canion

Life is often filled with events that have the ability to derail your hopes and shatter your dreams. Major setbacks can cripple you to the point of giving up. If you are not anchored in your faith, you probably would give up. In the worst of times, you may feel lost and without purpose, but remember, God has a plan for your life. He always has something or someone, strategically placed to ignite your passion and point you into the direction of your destiny.

Auntie's Closet book cover image
“Auntie’s Closet,” the new book by Tanda J. Canion, available now on Amazon.com


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