Past Events

Past Events

Jun 28, 2020

Drive-in Church

Drive-in Church service time has changed to 10 – 11AM, due to increasingly warmer temperatures, instead of 11AM to noon.” Bishop Michael and Dr. Tanda Canion, pastors See you this Sunday for an outdoor service. Dress comfortably,  jeans and sneakers. Bring your lawn chairs and a canopy, if you desire. View live broadcast on Facebook from (Assembly of Truth page)* Give tithe and offerings online or via Givelify app.
Jun 20, 2020

FREE COVID-19 Food Relief (Atlanta)

Overview Assembly of Truth Ministries (Atlanta) pastors, Bishop Michael and Dr. Tanda Canion and World Harvest Church (Roswell), Pastors, Mirek and Linda Hufton are leading an outreach effort to feed families effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategically, the “COVID-19 Food Relief” outreach goal is to identify and serve families affected by the pandemic and the virus. Whether that’s from a job lost or furlough, health crisis, elderly or other. All participants are encouraged to register in advance to qualify and…