Dr. Tanda Canion
Dr. Tanda Canion

Dr. Tanda Canion

Dr. Tanda Canion is an innovative creative thinker, writer, author, entrepreneur mentor, and God’s mouthpiece who is preaching and bringing deliverance to the Body of Christ. As God’s anointed vessel, Dr. Canion has embraced the mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise to the nation and to the world.
Dr. Canion attended the following universities: Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University, and Beulah Heights University. She is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the Anointed by God Ministerial Seminary and Alliance. She is a Life Insurance Agent, Notary Public, and a Real Estate Agent Licensed in the state of Georgia. She is also a certified interior designer from Clayton State

With over 42 years of ministry, Dr. Canion is a seasoned Elder and Evangelist known for her transparency and candid delivery of God’s Word. Because of her willingness to serve and to conduct ministry with passion and excellence, God has expanded her ministry in the following areas:

  • Bible Teacher
  • Convention/Conference Speaker and Host
  • Seminar Speaker
  • Guest on multiple media platforms including TBN and The Word Network

Dr. Canion is the visionary and founder of Tanda Canion Ministries, Tanda Canion Foundation, and the Tanda Canion Empowerment Convention. Under the leadership of Bishop Sherman Watkins and Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Canion led the Higher Grounds Always Abounding Assemblies Women Department to tremendous growth. Through each of these ministries, lives are being changed, and
people of all walks of life are being empowered.

Outside of the pulpit, Dr. Canion is a community activist and leader. As an activist, Dr. Canion has prayed and marched on the States Capitol for State House-Led Bill 816 to put prayer back into school. Dr. Canion has actively partnered with AARP and the Susan G. Komen Foundation and is using her voice to bring awareness to breast cancer and women’s health. Through this partnership, she has hosted panel
discussions with Atlanta’s top physicians and surgeons on the deadly disease.

In the community, Dr. Canion is an advocate for adult and teen literacy with the Assembly of Truth Ministries to provide weekly classes. She is the founder and CEO of Tanda Canion Foundation, which hosts Back to School drives and gives youth hundreds of books bags and supplies annually. She trains youth in sexual purity and home economics culminating in a purity ball annually. She is passionate about the homeless and underprivileged. Yearly, she goes into the community to pray, feed, and clothe the homeless. She also launches campaigns to distribute food at Thanksgiving and toys at Christmas to those in need.

She enjoys reading, arts and crafts, interior decorating, fashion designing, and gardening in her spare time. In the community in which she lives, her yard was awarded the Yard of the Year.

For her commitment in building a stronger community through service and leadership, she is a recipient of numerous awards and honors: Life Time Achievement Award, the Trailblazer Leadership Award and the Volunteer Award from the President of the United States, Barak Obama; Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award from the Georgia Secretary of State; Charles Lawrence Real Estate Agent of the Year Award; 21st Century Matriarch Award; one of Atlanta’s 100 top Women of Influence by the Atlanta Business League; The Trumpet Awards Foundation Award; First Ladies of Excellence Award; The
Women of Worth Award; The City of Douglasville Service Award; Viewer’s Choice Award for successfully achieving over 100,000 views on several social media video; She Is Powerful Inc. Award; Elin Community Development Center Award; LaShana Enrichment Program Award; The Magnanimous Award nominee and more for her dedicated service.

In addition to all that she has accomplished, Dr. Canion graciously partners in ministry with her husband the Honorable Bishop Michael Canion. Together they pastor The Assembly of Truth Ministries. She is a proud mother and grandmother.


Senior Pastor
Bishop Michael Canion