COVID-19 Tested OUR Faith

COVID-19 Tested OUR Faith

April 5, 2020 

Dr. Tanda Canion posted on Facebook, “Bishop Michael Canion tested positive for COVID-19.” The life-threatening virus had impacted our church family the previous week when a founding member of the United Fellowship of Church’s pastor, well known to our congregation, passed away. Now, our Bishop was quarantine in the basement of his home.

Pastor Canion, who was lovingly caring for her husband, was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, less than a week later. Pastor Canion tested positive for COVID-19, with pneumonia like symptoms and was hospitalized immediately. The possibility of losing both of our pastors to the coronavirus became very real. With heavy hearts and uncertainty, all we could do as a congregation was pray. 

This trial and previous teachings of our leaders would allow us to see God in a new way. The Lord would help us to come together in UNITY to maintain the church and support our leaders. Every day, we gathered in prayer, fasted, and believed God for their healing. Our congregation functioned as a human body fending off the virus.

April 16, 2020

And the two will become one flesh…,” 11 days later, Pastor Canion was released from the hospital and rejoined her homebound husband, Bishop Canion. God heard our cries, answered our prayers and showed us his Mercy. The promises of God prevailed during our time of testing. 

We had come together, like our God and his bride, the church; Bishop and Pastor. What was separated for a moment, God has brought back together. We did it through prayer and faith. We are a family. And we will forever stand strong-together.

Let’s keep our pastors, Bishop Michael and Dr. Tanda Canion, in prayer as they continue to heal and get stronger.

Elder Donna Timms
Elder Gerald Willis


  1. Courtney Turner

    I thank God for His grace & mercy in sparing both my Uncle and Aunt. I am continuing to pray for their strength

  2. Regina Gregory

    “To God be the Glory “for all his many blessings! Praise him for healing Bishop Canion & Pastor Canion

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