A Mother’s Journey

A Mother’s Journey

From the Womb:

Naked I came from my mother’s womb…

Job 1:21

Exhausted, tears mixed with sweat, pours down her face. She thinks to herself, “I can’t do this.” The pain is intense. Her strength is fading. Then, she hears those words, “just one more push.” With her last ounce of will power, she gives that final push. In an instance, it’s all over. Like magic, her pain is transformed to an indescribable joy as they lay a new life on her chest. One of God’s greatest gifts is the miracle of birth. Only a mother could understand this moment of transformation, which will send her on a journey of a lifetime. Life changes so drastically in a moment. A bond develops like no other. It starts in the womb and continues through eternity. There is nothing a mother would not do for her child.

With new responsibilities, God grants her extra gifts: the gift to hear YOUR child’s cry amongst thousands of other cries, the gift to have unhuman like strength and courage to rescue YOUR child from danger; and the gift to have power in a kiss that makes everything better.  Only a mother knows these gifts. A mother knows when her child is hurting, without them saying a word a mother can get her child in order with just a look. Only a mother knows.

Beyond the Womb:

Mother’s come from various walks of life; some through the birth of a child; others through tragedy or loss, and still others simply because the Lord placed the spirit of Motherhood in their hearts. There are natural moms, grandma moms, auntie moms, and god moms. No matter what form of mom you are, we all share on fundamental fact: a mother is one who would lay down their lives for their child.

To the gates of Heaven:

But let us not forget one of the greatest gifts of motherhood. She is often overlooked and underappreciated, but she is a mother created from the heart of God. Our spiritual mother. As your natural mother guides, you through your younger days; teaching you right, wrong, and goodness and nurtures your physical needs; she will at some stage in your life pass the baton to your spiritual mother so your journey will continue. As your spiritual mother receives this honor, she will then begin to nurture your spiritual needs, teaching you righteousness, worship and godliness.  Her pains may not be that of labor, but rather of swollen knees and stiff backs from the countless hours she spends praying and interceding for her children.  And like the natural mother, she knows when her children are hurting without them saying a word and she too can correct you with just a look. Again, she is a gift after God’s own heart.

The Thanks

So Lord, we say thank you for our natural mothers who brings us into the world, for our elect mothers who help raise us to greatness, and for our spiritual mothers, who will guide us to our eternal destination; this truly was a partnership made in HEAVEN. So, as we celebrate this day, take time to thank GOD for our mothers. For their many sacrifices, late night feedings, boo boos healed with a kiss, hugs because we needed them and the countless other things, they give too us often without a word of thanks. Thank them for their labor of love.

And to my fellow mothers I charge you with one simple request, wear your title with honor —IT IS WELL DESERVED

May 8, 2020 | Elder Donna Timms

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    This was a wonderful collaboration wth such an amazing team. We are blessed to have leaders wutha heart after God.

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