The Voice of a Father

The Voice of a Father

“Hear, my son, your father’s instruction… Ephesians 6:4; Listen to your father, who gave you life… Proverbs 23:22

How many times growing up did you hear your mother say, “Wait until your father gets home!

Words that would often invoke fear and worry; not because your father was a mean person, but because your father’s voice carried with it such authority.  A mother could correct you with just a look, but the power and authority in a father’s voice could stop you in your tracks.

Scripture refers to you as the giver of life, but the role of a father is much more than that. From the creation of earth, God has given man authority over everything, a position that father’s carry throughout their household. The authority to correct, the authority to provide and the authority to protect.

Father’s are

The beacon of hope, the symbol of courage, the image of strength; in short, the very model of what a MAN truly is. Not because of his physical statue, or his financial means, but because of time spent coaching your little league games (for free); the sacrifices he makes to ensure you have all that you need, even if it means working two jobs, and the times when they are the loudest voice in the stands yelling, “that’s my kid!”, when you score the winning point.

Father, your voice has power, your voice has authority, your voice has wisdom, and your voice has knowledge, but most importantly, your voice has respect. Respect from those who honor and love you. So, we take this time to celebrate those who have and will continue to stand in the gap for their famies, their churches and their communities.  We thank God for these awesome men, who we call, Father.

Happy Father’s Day

Elder Donna Timms


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